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uhd4kpics.com is a free wallpaper web site which is opened on April 2018. We are working for you to beautify screens of your PC, mobile phone and tablet by adding new high resolution wallpapers continually.

uhd4kpics.com is a unique wallpaper site with tens of thousands of high-quality HD & Ultra HD wallpapers for your devices.

New wallpapers are available every day in HD and Ultra HD ,4k, which can be found by tags,browse through the most popular publishers, find your favorite one.
Filter images by category or resolution.

Website’s aim is being a wallpaper website -which presents top-quality content in the world and adding continually new wallpapers every day.

There is no licensed wallpapers in our website and also we are careful about copyright infringement. You can read our copyright policy about this subject.

If you have complaints about images in our website, please contact us.

I’m Bansidhar Kadiya. I am the owner, creator, and designer of this website.

There are some website projects which I’m carrying out now. Except this website, my other projects have 110 thousand visitors daily. You can use the contact form to contact with me.

I’m living in India. Approximately, I spend my last 7 year for web projects. You can see some of my professions below:





– Web Project Manager

uhd4kpics.com uses the latest technologies to provide better services. In details:

uhd4kpics.com using wordpress wallpaper script.

-Is based on wordpress, a great free script for blogs, e-commerce and much more sites.



-Smarty as framework.

– jQuery plugins…

If you find a bug or simply something don’t work as it should please report it to me using this contact us link and I will fix it as soon as possible.